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14 April 2010

No worries?

Impossible ... life is full of worries!
I was at hospital yesterday for my urinary follow up check up. There were lots of patients waiting for their imaging procedures ... mother with 3 years old boy to do x-ray, daughter with elderly mother assuring the mother that she will accompany and take her for all the tests, elderly husband holding his elderly wife's handbag while she was waiting and sitting on a wheel chair, teenager asking her mother why the long wait, etc.
One patient had his imaging procedure after me but consulted the same specialist before me and asked to perform CT scan.
There I was ... sitting and waiting and worry about my test results and saw all these scenes. All my God, its not just our own health that we have to take care and worry, its more than that. It could happen to us, our kids, our spouse, our parents, our siblings, our friends, etc.
Worries won't leave me alone ... sigh :(
The good news is my urinary test report is OK. Thanks to the cranberry juice and must remember to ... DRINK LOTS OF WATER!


Kiasu Mom said...

Am surprised you taking the UTI so seriously with so many follow up check ups. I have UTI occasionally too (my sister's have it all the time) so I guess it runs in the family genes. And true enough it happens when we're holding the bladder or not drinking enough water. So I think you should relax and don't get too stressed out about it.

treasure memories said...

My dear,

Mine is not UTI and all those tests and check ups were not my wish but necessarily to rule out the possibility of serious illness.

tunbegia said...

baru last week hantar emak haku gi ct-scan,

salamm, nice blog

treasure memories said...

hi tunbegia,

apa khabar emak kau?

terima kasih, datang lawat blog saya bila free. ok?