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31 August 2008

Cheese Cakes and Cards

I baked marble cheese cake on Thurs, 28 Aug. Its a working day and only started baking after my dinner at ~9pm . It is for 7th uncle's 60th birthday celebration on Friday.
I obtained the recipe from "Bake with Yen" book. Its a much simpler recipe and method compared to other baking books. The recipe is enough to make one big and 2 small trays. During my first attempt, I only bake a big cake and ended up the with a cheese cake that was very high, unlike the usual low height cheese cake. Honestly, it is much easier to consume a cheesecake as long there is not too much of it.
While waiting for the cakes to cool down, I decided to make cards to give along with the cakes.
This is the card I made for Jo. I tried using the paper trimmer that Hubby bought for me for my birthday. The "J" is from a chip board. I cut and paste pattern paper to it. The 3 layers flowers represent "O".
This is the card that I made for Jared's pre-school, Krista. The school celebrated Merdeka Day on Fri, 29 Aug and all the students wore national costume to school. The alphabets "TQ" is from die cut.
By the time the cakes were water-bath baked for 2 hours and cool before I could chill them overnight in the fridge, its already past 2am and went to sleep past 4am, to finish up the cards.
These are the 2 small cake that were given to Jo and Krista teachers. Jo sms me in the afternoon and said "Wow.. Your cheese cake is so yummy! Even my son loves it. We almost finish it already. You really have to teach me how to bake it".


soh said...

Christina says:

Yumm, your cheese cake picture looks really tempting! I must try out the cheese cake recipe this weekend. Thanks for giving me the "Bake with Yen" recipe book. Cheers!

sawleng said...

You must try to bake the cake. Its not difficult. Just make sure not to bake it too late at night cos the cake take 2 hours to bake and you'll have to wait till the cake cool down before chill in the fridge.

Recommend to bake one day ahead.

Susan said...

I like the cards u made very much. Need to talk to you more about Die Cuts. Seems like u can do a lot of things with it! Hmm...tempting!